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NORTHERN OAK – Of Roots and Flesh

NORTHERN OAK - Of Roots and Flesh

Progressive folk metallers Northern Oak from Sheffield, England have recently released their new full-length album “Of Roots and Flesh“, their most professional work by far! They were formed back in 2006 and self-released 2 full-length albums prior to their new work; “Tales from Rivelin” in 2008 and “Monuments” in 2010. The recording of the new album was entirely funded through a Kickstarter campaign run by the band. The campaign obviously was very successful, since Read more…

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SAOR – Roots

SAOR - Roots

Back in 2006 a wonderful epic folk black metal project, Askival, was formed by its one and only member Andy Marshall from Scotland. After the release of the promising debut album “Eternity” in 2009, Andy announced the end of Askival to the great disappointment of his fans. Luckily on 2012 he started a new one-man-project under the name Àrsaidh and in 2013 the debut full-length album “Roots” was released via Darker Than Black Records. Soon after Read more…

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FEN – Dustwalker

FEN - Dustwalker

London based UK atmospheric black metallers Fen have just released their 3rd full-length album “Dustwalker“. The band was formed in 2006 and soon enough signed to Northern Silence Productions to release the EP “Ancient Sorrow” in 2007. After that, they gained the interest of Aural Music / Code666, who released their first two full-length albums “The Malediction Fields” in 2009 and “Epoch” in 2011. On 21st of January 2013 the time for Read more…

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ANDRASTE – The Secret Valley

ANDRASTE - The Secret Valley

Andraste is a new folk metal band from Manchester, England. They were formed by Coll and Jorund in 2008. Soon more musicians joined them, until the band got a full line-up. After two demos “Andraste” in 2009 and “Realm of the Supernatural” in 2010, the band felt ready to self-release its debut full-length album “The Secret Valley” in the end of 2011.

One thing is for sure: Andraste is not the typical folk metal Read more…

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ILDRA – Eðelland

ILDRA - Edelland

Few things are known about this pagan black metal band from England. They don’t have any official site and none of the band’s member(s) is mentioned in the booklet of the CD. Ildra were probably founded on 2004, when their first demo “Beorna Beaducraeft” was out. Next year they released their second demo “To Elreordgum Landum” and in 2007 their last demo “Þær Swefende Hæleð Licgað” was out. All 3 demos were cassettes and Read more…

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Ben Corkhill is back with the second album of his personal project Oakenshield. Ben comes from Yorkshire, United Kingdom and founded the band back in 2004 under the name Nifelheim. In 2007, and after 2 demos, he changed the name of his band into Oakenshield. In 2008 Einheit Produktionen released the debut album “Gylfaginning”, a surprising good album! On February 27th 2012 his second offering “Legacy” is out, again by Einheit.

Oakenshield’s music falls into the Read more…

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FOREFATHER – Last of the Line

FOREFATHER - Last of the Line

Forefather is well known in the viking / epic pagan metal circles. Brothers Athelstan and Wulfstan formed them back in 1997 and since then they remain the only members of Forefather. Coming from Surrey in England, they released their debut “Deep into Time” in 1999 introducing a very personal sound. The second album “The Fighting Man” was out in 2000 by their own label Angelisc and they started to grow in popularity. They remained faithful to Read more…

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THE WOLVES OF AVALON – Carrion Crows Over Camlan

THE WOLVES OF AVALON - Carrion Crows Over Camlan

Wolves of Avalon is a new band created by Metatron of The Meads of Asphodel. He always wanted his pagan celtic metal ideas to take a form, but not in his main band. So it was actually a matter of time for this band to be born. After seeing the final line-up of this release and especially the guest appearances of Rob Darken (Graveland), Verst (Instinct), Roibéard Ó Bogail (Mael-Mordha), Magnus O. Wohlfart (Yggdrasil), Petra Jadrná (Cruadalach), Arvid Vermote (Krigavar), Read more…

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