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PIMEÄ METSÄ – Legacy of the Heathen North

PIMEA METSA - Legacy of the Heathen North

Spanish Viking folk metallers Pimeä Metsä have recently released their debut album. The band was formed in the end of 2006 in Madrid by a group of friends. They soon recruited more members and started working on the first songs. After some line-up changes, they made their first live appearance in the beginning of 2009. More line-up changes and live shows followed and finally on February 2010 Pimeä Metsä released their demo EP “Beneath the Northern Lights“. The Read more…

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Swedish folk metallers Irminsul are back with a surprisingly versatile and multidimensional album! This trio from Gothenburg was formed in 2005 and released the demos “Vinterskalder” in 2006 and “Urberg” in 2007. They signed to the German label Det Germanske Folket in order to release their debut full-length album “Irminsul” in 2009, an album that contained all demo songs, plus 3 new tracks. Four and a half years later the band is back with Read more…

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ITHILIEN – From Ashes to the Frozen Land

ITHILIEN - From Ashes to the Frozen Land

Ithilien is a Belgian epic folk black death metal band from Walloon Brabant. They were formed in 2005 by Pierre Cherelle (vocals, guitars) and it took him 6 years and hard work to gather a more stable line-up. In 2011 the band released its debut EP “Tribute to the Fallen” and after some final line-up changes they started their live performances, becoming very active in 2013. Finally, on December 9th 2013, Ithilien released their first full-length album “ Read more…

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VALTYR – Veriset Saagat

VALTYR - Veriset Saagat

Valtyr is the second personal project of Nartum from Bari, Italy. Nartum’s music projects started in 2008 with Ymir, a black metal band that evolved into space ambient black metal. With Ymir, Nartum released a demo in 2008 and his first album ever, “Tumults in the Absence” in 2010, which was re-released in digipak edition in 2013. Valtyr was formed in 2011, as a Viking black metal band, with which Nartum wanted to pay homage to bands like Read more…

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VALUATIR – Exobnos

VALUATIR - Exobnos

French folk black metallers Valuatir from Pictavia return with their second full-length album, entitled “Exobnos“. The band was formed in 1997 as Inis Gwenva, releasing the demos “Call Of Revenge” in 2003, “IInd Invasion” in 2005 and a compilation of the two demos entitled ”Inis Gwenva” in 2006. After the loss of their guitarist Iluhain (R.I.P.) in 2005, they decided to end Inis Gwenva and since 2006 they continued under the name Read more…

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Legendary epic Viking metallers Falkenbach are back with their latest full-length album “Asa“. The personal project of Vratyas Vakyas has influenced many Viking metal bands out there, since its beginning in 1989. After 5 very successful full-length albums, most of them released by Napalm Records, the band signed to Prophecy Productions, who released the 7″ vinyl single “Eweroun” on April 2013, as a preview of the upcoming album. Finally on the 1st of November 2013, the Read more…

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Arandu Arakuaa is a unique folk metal band from Brasília, the capital of Brazil. The band was formed in 2008 by their mastermind Zândhio Aquino, who started composing songs with lyrics in “Tupi Antigo”, an extinct language spoken by the native Tupi people of Brazil. After several line-up additions and changes, the band finally got a more stable line-up around 2011 and in 2012 they self-released the 4-track EP “Arandu Arakuaa“. Next year they recorded their first full-length Read more…

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Valensorow is a new epic folk death metal band from San Jose, California, USA. They were formed in 2012 by their drummer and songwriter Conner Bruce, who now plays the guitars. After a few shows the band started to grow and soon the line-up was complete. As a six member band, they recorded their debut full-length album “Neptus” at dB Sound Studios in Morgan Hill, California. The album was self-released on the 24th of June 2013 directly by Read more…

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