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APPALACHIAN WINTER – The Epochs That Built the Mountains

APPALACHIAN WINTER - The Epochs That Built the Mountains

American epic symphonic black metal band Appalachian Winter has recently released its new album, entitled “The Epochs That Built the Mountains“. The band was formed back in 2008 as the personal project of D.G. Klyne from Schellsburg, Pennsylvania, who composed and played everything with the help of few guest members from time to time. As a one-man-band, he had already released 5 full-length albums, one EP and a split album until 2013. In their sixth album however, Appalachian Read more…

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СТОЖАР – Слава Πеруну!

STOZHAR - Slava Perunu

One year after its debut album, the Russian pagan folk metal band Стожар (Stozhar) is back with its second full-length work, entitled “Слава Πеруну!”. Formed back in 2005, this band from Yaroslavl suffered a lot of line-up changes until 2010, when things became more stable. The only remaining member from the early line-up and the 2005 demo “Языческая Русь” is Yarosvet, who was also one of the band’s founders. After a lot of work, Стожар managed Read more…

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SAWLEGEN – Stories from an Old Empire

SAWLEGEN - Stories from an Old Empire

Sawlegen is a bizarre band, coming from Rabat, the capital city of Morocco. And what is actually more unusual than their origin, is their music itself, since the band plays a strange fusion of various metal styles. They were formed in 2004 as a 3-piece band under the name “Virgin Beauty”. The positive feedback to their first compositions made them expand their line-up and change their name. Finally in 2007 they self-released their debut full-length album “Stories from an Read more…

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IMMORIOR – Herbstmär

IMMORIOR - Herbstmar”

Immorior is a new atmospheric post black metal band from Saarland of Germany. They were formed in 2013 by Nordmann and Sarghas, who remain their only members since then. They’ve been together in other bands too (Nelandhir, Seuchenzug, Yarr and Stardust), but with Immorior they wanted to explore new musical paths. On October 17th, 2014, their debut full-length album “Herbstmär” was finally released by the German labels Narbentage Produktionen and Black Blood Records.      Read more…

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ASKRINN – Hjørleifsljóð

ASKRINN - Hjorleifsljod

French pagan black metal band Askrinn has recently released its amazing debut full-length album entitled “Hjørleifsljóð“. Askrinn (“The Ashtree” in Old Norse) is the personal project of Valenten, formed around 2011. His music is clearly influenced by Nordic pagan black metal, with the intention to evoke ancient Runic esotericism and forgotten Nordic lore. After the single “Fé Vældr Frænda Róge” in 2013, Askrinn worked on their debut album, which was finally self-released on November 14th, 2014.        Read more…

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VIETAH – Tajemstvy Noczy

VIETAH - Tajemstvy Noczy

Atmospheric pagan black metal band Vietah from Belarus released its third full-length album “Tajemstvy Noczy” in the beginning of 2014. Vietah (old moon in Belarusian) is the solo project of Antarktys from Гомель (Gomel) since 2006. The band released its debut album “Zorny Maroz” in 2008 and the second one “Smalisty žah” in 2010, both via the Russian label Stygian Crypt Productions. Their new album comes as cooperation between Stygian Crypt Productions and Possession Read more…

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ASTARIUM – Nekrocosmo: Demiurge (EP)

ASTARIUM - Nekrocosmo Demiurge

Astarium is an atmospheric symphonic black metal band from Novosibirsk, Russia. It is the solo project of SiN who started them back in 2005. Since its first demo in 2006, the band has released countless works, including 4 full-length albums, several EPs, singles, demos and splits, many of which were re-released in various versions. During December 2013 and February 2014 Astarium recorded their latest EP “Nekrocosmo: Demiurge“, which was out on June 2014 as a collaboration between the Read more…

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Epic folk metal band NightCreepers from Conflans-Sainte-Honorine of France is back with its latest and most ambitious work “Hreid“. NightCreepers were initially formed in 2003, but after the failure of their first effort, they were reborn more seriously in 2006. Through the early years they suffered countless line-up changes and actually only one of the founding members remains until today, their guitarist and vocalist Haarath. The band released the EPs “Helgardh” in 2007 and “Towards Read more…

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