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WIZARDMASK – Песнь Воина


Russian dramatic metal band Wizardmask from Novosibirsk, a city is located in the southwestern part of Siberia, has recently released its new work. This duo was formed back in 2009 by Sergey Amelchenko (composition, music, guitars) and Svetlana Diva Amelchenko (concept, lyrics, vocals). They remain the only permanent members of the band, using several guest musicians in their albums. Wizardmask managed to release their debut full-length album “Карнавал Иллюзий” in 2012, after a lot of work. Their second Read more…

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WILL OF HATRED – Infinite Triumph’s Preface

WILL OF HATRED - Infinite Triumph's Preface

Will of Hatred is a new “symphonic” black metal band from Moscow, Russia. It is the solo project of Damiena, who is the leader and creator of this project, composes all songs, writes all lyrics and performs all the vocals. There is not much info about the biography of Will of Hatred, or when exactly was this project formed, so their debut album really came out of nowhere. It is entitled “Infinite Triumph’s Preface” and was released on Read more…

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HAGBARD – Tales of Frost and Flames (EP)

HAGBARD - Tales of Frost and Flames

Brazilian epic folk metallers Hagbard from Juiz de Fora are back with their brand new EP entitled “Tales of Frost and Flames“. The band was formed in 2010 with the intention to combine folk music with various genres of metal. After the demo EP “Warrior’s Legacy“, Hagbard started working on their debut full-length album “Rise of the Sea King“, which was finally released via the Russian label SoundAge Productions in the end of 2013. Read more…

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Himinbjorg are back with their latest full-length album entitled “Wyrd“. This cult French pagan black metal band was formed back in 1996 by Zahaah, the group’s main composer. They’ve been quite productive during their first years and released 5 full-length albums and an EP from 1998 to 2005, moving between folk pagan metal and pagan black metal. After a long silence, the band returned in 2010 with “Chants d’hier, Chants de Guerre, Chants de la TerreRead more…

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THULNAR – Nightfall in Theros (EP)

THULNAR - Nightfall in Theros

Italian extreme fantasy metallers Thulnar from Bologna have finally released their long-awaited new work. It is the debut EP “Nightfall in Theros“, which is actually their first “official” work, 11 years after the band’s foundation back in 2004. Thulnar is practically the personal project of Darken (Diego Vacchiano), who composes and plays all music. He always had the help of his friend Luca Piazzi aka “Elric Blackcrow”, who takes over the vocals (Luca also plays trumpet in Mors Read more…

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EXULTET – At the Gates of Christendom

EXULTET - At the Gates of Christendom

Folk black metal band Exultet from Italy has just released its fifth full-length album, entitled “At the Gates of Christendom“. Born back in 2003 in Palermo of Sicily by Farz (composition, lyrics, guitars, bass, synths and vocals), the band was soon joined by Argoth in drums. As a duo they self-released 3 full-length albums and in 2011 their 4th album “I Soldati della Croce” was released via Sullen Records. In 2012 Argoth left the band. Farz, Read more…

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